Khazar Elyassnia

Birth Day June 25th, 1980
Birth Place Iran
Age 43 Years Old

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About Khazar Elyassnia

Khazar Momeni, the sister of Nima Momeni, who was charged with the murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee, has been identified as the registered owner of a condominium unit in the Millennium Tower. Legal documents stated that the killing was planned and deliberate, and Nima drove Bob Lee to a secluded area in San Francisco, where he stabbed him three times. The murder occurred shortly after the trio spent the evening together, along with another unnamed witness. The witness stated that they were unclear about whether Bob Lee and Khazar Momeni shared an intimate relationship, but Nima and Bob had a conversation about whether Bob Lee was involved in drug use or other inappropriate activities. Khazar Momeni texted Bob Lee around the time of his death, expressing concern for his well-being after Nima "came wayyyyyy down hard" on him. Nima Momeni is facing a potential sentence of 26 years to life in prison if convicted, with his arraignment set for April 25.

Khazar Momeni and her husband, Dr. Dino Elyassnia, were surrounded by journalists during their first public appearance in a San Francisco courtroom. The couple was linked to the murder investigation of Bob Lee, with Khazar Momeni's ownership of a condominium unit in the Millennium Tower coming to light. Dr. Dino Elyassnia is a well-known plastic surgeon in San Francisco. The couple did not make any statements to the press, aside from Dr. Elyassnia saying "no comment" briefly. The murder of Bob Lee has shocked many, with Nima Momeni's arrest leaving questions unanswered about the motivations behind the killing and the relationship between the individuals involved. 

Khazar Elyassnia Ealry Life & Family Background 

Khazar Elyassnia is an Iranian-American born in the late 1980s in Iran and migrated to the United States with her family when she was a child. Her present age is between 32-35 as of 2023. While there is limited information available about her family and background, it is known that she has a brother named Nima Momeni, who has recently been in the news for his alleged involvement in the murder of Bob Lee, the founder of Cash App. Lee, a well-known cryptocurrency executive at MobileCoin, was reportedly stabbed to death on April 4, 2023, in San Francisco. Nima was arrested on April 13, 2023, in connection with the murder, and the incident has left many people shocked. The circumstances surrounding the murder and Nima's arrest are still being investigated, and there is limited information available about Khazar's connection to the case. However, the incident serves as a tragic reminder of the impact that violent crimes can have on families and communities and highlights the need for ongoing efforts to promote safety and security for all individuals. Khazar is Iranian-Asian by ethnicity and follows the Islam religion. 

Khazar Elyassnia Husband 

Khazar Elyassnia married Dr. Dino Elyassnia, a well-known plastic surgeon in San Francisco, in 2013. Dr. Elyassnia, who immigrated to the US from Iran during the Iranian revolution, is known for his expertise in rhinoplasty and currently works at the Marten Clinic of Plastic Surgery. The couple reportedly met through a dating app and have been happily married for eight years. In an interview, Dr. Elyassnia expressed his admiration for Khazar, describing her as a dynamic and inspiring individual who has shown him the true meaning of life and love. They also own a luxurious flat in San Francisco, located close to where the body of Bob Lee, the founder of Cash App, was found. 

Khazar Elyassnia Net Worth

According to reports, Khazar Elyassnia's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million in 2023. While there is limited information available about her professional career, it is believed that she earns a comfortable annual salary, likely in the thousands of dollars. In addition, court documents have revealed that Khazar currently resides at the Millennium Tower, a luxury high-rise apartment building in San Francisco that has been experiencing sinking and tilting since its completion in 2009. The building has been the subject of ongoing legal disputes and concerns about its safety, although it remains a popular residence for many wealthy individuals and families. Despite the challenges faced by the Millennium Tower, Khazar Elyassnia appears to have built a successful and comfortable life for herself and her family. Her net worth and high-end living arrangements are a testament to her hard work and dedication and serve as an inspiration for others who strive to achieve financial stability and success in their own lives.

Khazar Elyassnia Height & Weight

Khazar Elyassnia stands at 5 feet 4 inches tall and has a body weight of 55 kilograms. Her striking features include dark brown eyes and blonde hair. She was recently featured in a lifestyle magazine article, in which she was seen carrying a chic clutch bag and sporting stylish sunglasses. Khazar's fashion-forward look was completed by a black blouse, white pants, and pale yellow pointed shoes, showcasing her impeccable sense of style. She has got an average body build with a healthy body. She maintains her body a lot. 

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