Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau

Birth Day October 14th, 1801
Birth Place Brussels
Age 222 Years Old

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A Belgian physicist and mathematician who was one of the first people to demonstrate the illusion of a moving image is named for Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau. He used counterrotating disks with repeating drawn images in small increments of motion on one and regularly spaced slits in the other to make the moving images. And the device used is named "phenakistiscope". On 14th October 2019, search engine Google commemorated Plateau with a Doodle on his 218th birth anniversary. This doodle was created by animator, filmmaker, and Doodler Olivia Huynh with inspiration and help from Diana Tran and Tom Tabanao. It is the first Google Doodle with different artwork showing up across different device displays-desktop, mobile, and the Google App. The doodle is inspired by animated discs reflecting Plateau's style with different images and themes on various device platforms. Overall, he was a very talented person. 

Death of Joseph

Joseph died in Ghent on 15th September 1883 at the age of 81. His cause of death is natural. 

Early Life of Joseph

On 14th October 1801, Joseph was born in Brussels, the French Republic. His nationality is Belgian and his ethnicity is White. He was born to Antonine Plateau, his father. His father was a talented flower painter. While attending primary school, he was particularly impressed by a lesson of physics: enchanted by the experiments he observed, he vowed to discover their secrets someday. He spent his school holidays in Marche-Les-Dames, with his uncle and his family; his cousin and playfellow was Auguste Payen, who later became an architect and the principal designer of the Belgian railways. He lost his father and mother; the trauma caused by this loss made him fall ill when he was only 14. He studied at the University of Liege, where he graduated as a doctor of physical and mathematical sciences in 1829. He then became a teacher of mathematics at the "Atheneum" school in Brussels in 1827. He was appointed Professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Ghent University in the year 1835. His religion was Christian. 

Body Measurements of Joseph

Joseph was a very handsome person with amazing body features. His hair color and eye color, both are black. He had got a very charming smile attracting a lot of people towards him. His body build was slim. He lost his eyesight. He had got a perfect height matching with his body. But his exact body measurements including his height, weight, shoe size and more is still to get revealed yet. 

Career of Joseph

  • Joseph's father was a famous painter and he could read, making him a child prodigy in those times when he was only six. 
  • He performed an experiment in which he gazed directly into the sun for 25 seconds.
  • Later, he lost his eyesight and attributed the loss to this experiment.
  • He may have instead suffered from chronic uveitis.
  • He became a foreign member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in the year 1872. 
  • He submitted his doctoral thesis to his mentor Adolphe Quetelet for advice in 1829 which contained only 27 pages, but formulated a great number of fundamental conclusions. 
  • It contained the first results of his research into the effect of colours on the retina (duration, intensity and colour), his mathematical research into the intersections of revolving curves (locus), the observation of the distortion of moving images, and the reconstruction of distorted images through counter revolving discs (he dubbed these anorthoscopic discs).
  • He invented an early stroboscopic device, the "phenakistiscope", the first device to give the illusion of a moving image in the year 1832. 
  • He also studied the phenomena of capillary action and surface tension. 
  • He conducted extensive studies of soap films and formulated Plateau's laws which describe the structures formed by such films in foams.


  • Google, on Monday, honoured Belgian physicist Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau with a special doodle. 
  • The tech giant celebrated the 218th birth anniversary of the physicist who invented the phenakistiscope, a device that led to the onset of cinema by creating the illusion of moving images.
  • The doodle is inspired by animated discs reflecting Plateau's style with different images and themes on various device platforms.

Marital Status, Wife, Child

Joseph was a married person. He was married to Augustine Therese Aimee Fanny Clavareau on 27th August 1840. The couple was also blessed with a son. His daughter Alice Plateau married Gustave Van der Mensbrugghe in the year 1871 who became his collaborator and later his first biographer. The couple was living a happy life before his death. His sexual orientation is straight. 

Net Worth of Joseph

The net worth of this famous physicist and mathematician will be surely in millions but his exact net worth has not been revealed by any sources yet. His net worth as well as salary is still under review but we will add it soon once we get information regarding his earnings. 

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