Manuela Escobar

Birth Day May 25th, 1984
Birth Place Columbia
Age 39 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Manuela Escobar is the businesswoman and the only daughter and younger child of the famous drug lord and narco-terrorist, Pablo Escobar, often referred to as "The King of Cocaine". She won the heart of her father so much that he was willing to do anything to make her happy. She was the apple of her father's eye. He was well known to supply 80% of the drug to the United States that profited him well. He was also considered the wealthiest criminal in history, would go to any extent to fulfill even the smallest wishes of his daughter. He threw a huge amount of banknotes into the fire to keep his daughter warm in the night while they were hiding in the mountains. Things changed after her father's death that saw her fleeing from Colombia with her mother and brother to escape reprisals. The three traveled different places including Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, and Peru before taking refuge in Argentina. Since 1999, she has reportedly suffered from severe depression. Her brother has said that she has attempted to commit suicide. She studied public relations. She reportedly lives with her brother and his wife, who take care of her when her depression surfaces. She became permanently deaf in one ear after the hotel in which her family was staying was bombed. Actor Wagner Moura portrayed her father on the original Netflix series "Narcos". At present, her profession/job/work is a businesswoman. Scroll down to read full information about her biography, real-life story, family details, siblings, net worth, height, birthday, wiki, facts, and more.

Why is Manuela Escobar Famous For?

  • Being the daughter of the famous drug lord and narco-terrorist, Pablo Escobar.
  • Being a businesswoman.

Who is the Parent of Manuela Escobar?

Manuela Escobar With Her Family


Manuela Escobar was born on 25th May 1984 to his parents/family; Pablo Escobar (father) and his wife Maria (mother) as the youngest among their two children. Her birthplace/hometown is in Columbia. Her elder brother, Juan Pablo Escobar Henao, who grew up to be an architect and author, has also changed his name to Sebastian Marroquin. Her father was a notorious yesteryear Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist often referred to as "The King of Cocaine". Her father was killed by Columbian police on 2nd December 1993. She lived like a princess when her father was alive. Once she wanted a unicorn as her birthday present; her father created a unicorn out of a horse for his daughter with a cow's horn that was stapled on the forehead of the horse and wings were attached to its back. He loved his daughter so much. Her father once allegedly burned $2 million in a fireplace to keep her warm. Even though her father is long dead, there are indications that she still lives in fear of being stigmatized because of her father's doings. She hardly comes by on social media platforms, as she intentionally distanced herself from the media. As per her education, she led a rather different life that saw her getting homeschooled instead of attending a public school. As of 2020, she celebrated her 35th birthday. Her nationality is Columbian. Her zodiac sign is Gemini and her ethnicity is Columbian-White. Her race is White. Her age is 35 as of now. There is no information about her grandparents. 

What Happened to Manuela Escobar? ( Real Life Story)

  • After her father (Pablo Escobar) was killed by Columbian police, her life took a different turn.
  • She had to leave behind all the opulence of her life and flee from Colombia in 1995 with her mother and her brother to escape from her father's enemies. 
  • The family first fled to Mozambique and thereafter to Brazil and the family arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on tourist visas and finally settled there as citizens in exile from Colombia.
  • After that, she began to live a new life as Juana Manuela Marroquin Santos in Argentina with her mother and brother.
  • She was so attached to her father that she would sleep with the shirt Pablo wore on his last day and was also used to keep a piece of beard from Pablo under her pillow. 
  • There, she started going to school with her brother while her mother gradually became a successful real estate entrepreneur. 
  • Later, one of her mother's business associates discovered her mother's real identity following which Henao absconded with her earnings. 
  • Her mother was tracked down, incarcerated for one and a half years while her funds were investigated.
  • As the authorities couldn't find any association of her finances with any illegal activity, Henao was released.
  • Her brother also published a book ‘Pablo Escobar: My Father' (2014) under the name Juan Pablo Escobar, Manuela maintained a long silence. 

Where is Manuela Escobar Now?

Manuela's present life is not much known as it seems that she has chosen to stay away from the spotlight. As of now, she is also not active on social media and seems to be content living a quiet life with her new identity away from the dark shadows of her past.

Where is Pablo Escobar's Daughter Manuela Escobar now?

Her father's death saw her Manuela with his mother and brother fleed from Colombia with her mother and brother to escape reprisals. The three traveled different places including Brazil, Ecuador, South Africa, and Peru before taking refuge in Argentina. Her current residence is in Argentina. 

Manuela Escobar With His Father, Pablo Escobar


What does Manuela Escobar do?

Manuela Escobar is involved in a real estate business as a family and is receiving lots of profits from it. 

How Rich is Manuela Escobar?

Manuela has struggled to stay a middle-class citizen even though everyone thought she was swimming in billions of dollars. Her mother Maria is a designer and businesswoman who has invested her significant sum in real estate in Argentina. Her brother, Sebastian is an architect and author. She is involved in a real estate business as a family and is receiving lots of profits from it. One time her mother and brother were accused of money laundering because of their large income. They got the order to give one million worth of assets to the authorities. The detail of money and property inherited by Manuela is kept a secret. 

About her father, his father had billions of riches when he was alive. He had the most significant share estimated at 40% of drug money. In 1987, Forbes listed Pablo Escobar in the 100 worlds richest person with over $2 Billion of net worth. He made seven consecutive lists of Forbes richest people till 1993. At the time, his net worth was estimated over $1 Million. 

What is Manuela Escobar's Net Worth?

As of 2020, the net worth of Manuela Escobar is estimated to have $1.7 Million. Whereas her exact salary is unknown. Her source of wealth/income is from her business, investment, and other ventures. She is living a normal lifestyle from her earnings. 

Who is Manuela Escobar's Husband?

Manuela Escobar's marital status is married but there is no verified information at the moment on who Manuela's husband is. It is because of the private life that she keeps. There is also no information regarding her children/kids. Talking about her past affairs and relationships, there is no piece of information. She is straight by sexual orientation. At present, she is enjoying her life without any disturbances. 

How tall is Manuela Escobar?

Manuela Escobar is a very beautiful lady with a sweet smile and a glowing face. She has a good height of five feet seven inches or 1.7 m. Her weight consists of 60 Kg or 132 lbs. Her bra size is 33B. Her body measures 34-24-35 in (breast-waist-hip). Her eye color is brown and her hair color is black. Her shoe size is 8 US and her dress size is unknown. Overall, she has got a healthy body. 

Facts About Kingpin's Daughter

  • While growing up in Colombia, she didn't get a chance to attend school as her father arranged tutors at home even when the family was on the run for safety reasons she had teachers around.
  • She loved singing from an early age.
  • She faced life-threatening situation at the age of three as the car exploded at her father’s apartment on 13th January 1988, was meant to kill Escobar but nearly left her deaf.

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