Priti Patel

Birth Day March 29th, 1972
Birth Place London, England
Age 52 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Aries

Priti Sushil Patel famed as Priti Patel is a British Politician and she is also a member of the conservative party. She has served as Secretary of State for the Home Department since 2019 and the Member of Parliament (MP) for Witham since 2010. Moreover, she is regarded as being ideologically on the party’s right-wing and has been described as a Thatcherite. She was also elected as the first member of parliament for the Witham Constituency in Essex. She has been an active member for 16 years. She was appointed Home Secretary by Boris Johnson in July 2019. 

Priti Patel's ineptitude is exactly what Boris admires in her

Boris Johnson (Left) and Priti Patel (Right)


It’s not always a great look for a prime minister to have to publicly restate his confidence in his home secretary just a matter of days after reappointing her to the job. A bit like a football club chairman offering his full support to the manager just days before sacking him. But for once in his life, Boris Johnson has been entirely genuine. Hard to believe, I know, from someone for whom dishonesty is a way of life, but true nonetheless. Boris really, really does value Priti Patel. He doesn’t care if she bullies her staff a bit. He cares even less if intelligence officials don’t entirely trust her on matters of national security. Because that’s not the point of her. Just as the home secretary can never be too Brexity or dog-whistle rightwing, she can also never be too stupid or incompetent. These are the qualities Boris most admires, having gone to some trouble to eliminate every cabinet minister who showed the slightest sign of having any independence of thought. Or even of having a mind at all. Priti Patel’s sole purpose in government is to be Priti Vacant.

What is the Nationality of Priti Patel?

On 29th March 1972, Priti Patel was born as Priti Sushil Patel in London, the U.K. Her nationality is English and her ethnicity is Mixed. Her father's name is Sushil Patel and her mother's name is Anjan Patel. Her parents are from Gujarat, India and were the immigrants of Uganda. Her parents established the newsagent's chain in London and South East England. Priti was raised in South Harrow and Ruislip and holds a British nationality. Initially, Priti was interested in business investment and trade. About her education, Priti went to a girls school for her initial education, Watford Grammer School for Girls. Later she attended Keele University and studied Sociology and Social Anthropology. Priti completed her post-graduate from the University of Essex. She celebrated her 47th birthday as of 2019. 

How Priti Patel began her political career?

  • Regarding her career, Andrew Lansley recruited Priti at Conservative Central Office. 
  • Later she moved to the Conservative Party and worked with media relations in London.
  • Priti worked for a PR consulting firm with Weber Shandwick. 
  • Patel was one of the seven Shandwick employees who worked on British American Tobacco, a major account as stated by The Guardian.
  • Priti stood as the Conservative candidate for Nottingham North, losing to the sitting Labour MP in the general election 2005. 
  • She also worked for alcoholic beverages in corporate relations for four years.
  • Priti was considered one of the “Class of 2010” who represented the party’s “new Right” along with fellow Conservative MPs Kwasi Kwarteng, Dominic Raab, Chris Skidmore, and Elizabeth Truss. 
  • Priti was presented with a “Jewels of Gujarat” award in Ahmadabad, India Patel voted to support Cameron’s planned bombing of Islamic State targets in Syria.
  • In the year 2016, she was appointed as International Development Secretary.
  • She announced that Britain would contribute £1.1 billion to a global aid fund used to combat malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/AIDS.
  • In January 2017, Patel and the Labour MEP Neena Gill were the two UK winners of the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman, the highest honor that the Indian government gives to non-resident Indians or people of Indian origin. 
  • She was given the award for her public service. 
  • In the June snap general election, she was re-elected as MP for Witham with a majority of 18,646 votes. 
  • In November 2017, Priti has to resign from the post due to an inappropriate allegation of meeting with Israeli officials.
  • Patel was appointed Home Secretary by Boris Johnson in July 2019. 
  • Shortly after her appointment, news had transpired that, in May 2019, Patel began working for Viasat as a strategic advisor on a salary of £5,000 a month for five hours’ work a month, without seeking prior approval from the government's Advisory Committee on Business Appointments, leading to accusations that she has broken the ministerial code for a second time.
  • In the December general election, she was re-elected as MP for Witham with an increased majority of 24,082 (48.8%) votes.
  • In January 2020, a report by the Youth Empowerment and Innovation Project said that Patel's approach to tackling youth radicalization was "madness" and the Home Office had been "disengaged".
  • In February 2020, Patel launched a points-based immigration system, which will take effect from 1 January 2021.
  • That same month she came under scrutiny for trying to "force out" Sir Philip Rutnam, the most senior civil servant in her department.

Who is Priti Patel's husband?

Priti Patel is a married woman and she was married to Alex Sawyer, a marketing consultant in 2004. The couple is happily married and has a son named Freddie born in 2008. There is no sign of any separation between them and there is no extra affair as far as known. 

What is the Net Worth of Priti Patel?

Priti Patel has a net worth of $3 million as of 2020 whereas she has a salary of £5,000 as a strategic advisor from Viasat. Priti is a very famous politician and she has played many major roles in the field of politics. She is making a good amount of money from her career and she is satisfied with her earnings. 

How tall is Priti Patel?

Talking about Priti's body features, she has got a tall height of 5 feet 6 inches and she weighs around 56 Kg. She has black hair and brown eyes. She used a 6.5 (UK) shoe size. There is no information about her body stats at present. But it will be added soon. 

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