Arnav Gupta

Birth Day June 15th, 1986
Birth Place India
Age 38 Years Old

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33 years old, an Indian-origin named Arnav Gupta set himself on fire and died on 29th May 2019. He set himself on fire on the Ellipse Park, close to the White House on Wednesday afternoon. The park is a popular area with tourists between the White House and the Washington Monument. He was announced dead on Thursday morning with 85% burns to his body. Gupta’s family had reported him missing earlier in the day on May 29, according to Montgomery County Police in Maryland. Arnav Gupta’s family members said they last saw him at his home in Bethesda, Maryland. He left the house on Cindy Lane around 9:20 a.m. on Wednesday, May 29. 

Arnav Gupta died after setting himself on fire near White House

A33 year-old man who was filmed setting himself on fire close to the White House has died with 85 percent burns to his body. was filmed engulfed in flames in the Ellipse park, just south of the president’s Washington DC address on Wednesday, and close to the Washington Monument. He was extinguished by Secret Service personnel within minutes, with news that he had died in hospital announced Thursday morning. Police have yet to comment on why Gupta, who lived in Bethesda, Maryland, set himself alight. A press release issued by Montgomery County Police Department Wednesday night-before Gupta was identified-sought information on his whereabouts over fears for his safety. The release said that Gupta had last been seen by his family when he left his home in Cindy Lane, Bethesda, around 9:20 am Wednesday morning, three hours before he killed himself. Donald Trump was in the Oval Office at the time of the blaze for a meeting with finance chiefs. Neither he nor his spokesman has commented on the man’s tragic death.

What is the age of Arnav Gupta?

As of 2019, his age is 33 years old. 

What is Arnav Gupta Famous For?

For setting himself on fire close to White House. 

Where was Arnav Gupta Born?

In the year 1986, Arnav Gupta was born. Exact information about his birth date will be added soon. He lived in Bethesda, Maryland in the United States but he is of Indian origin. More details about his parents and early life information are currently unavailable. It will be updated soon. His ethnicity is Asian. Regarding his education, he attended Boston University and attended Landon School in Bethesda in 2004. 

Death of Arnav Gupta

  • On 29th May 2019, Wednesday afternoon, Arnav went to the Ellipse park, just south of the president's Washington DC addresses and close to Washington Monument. He was spotted with a suspicious device. 
  • He then set himself on fire. 
  • The law enforcement officials arrived within minutes and extinguished Gupta. 
  • He was then rushed to the local hospital. 
  • Almost 85 percent of his body was burned. 
  • The following morning, his death was confirmed. 
  • The authorities have started the investigation. 
  • They have yet to determine the reason why Gupta set himself on fire. 
  • United States Park Police issued a press release on 30th May 2019. 
  • It stated that Gupta died of injuries from the burn on the same day he set fire on himself. 
  • The Park Police also stated that they have turned the investigation to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department. 
  • It was reported that Gupta's family last saw him when he left his home in Cindy Lane, Bethesda around 9.20 am on Wednesday morning. 

What is the net worth of Arnav?

Arnav Gupta appears to have expressed his political ideas in artwork and in writing. His website, called Arnamania, depicts a few pieces of artwork he says he created. He lists the prices as being fantastically high, from $7,000 to $10 million. He was previously registered to vote in Maryland as a member of the Green Party, but his voter registration was not active at the time of his death, according to the state’s Board of Elections database.

Who is Arnav Gupta's wife?

Information regarding Arnav Gupta's marital life has not been revealed yet but it will be updated soon. 

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