Caitlin Fink

Birth Day June 24th, 2024
Birth Place USA
Age -1 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Caitlin Fink is a Bear Creek High School student who told her school newspaper that she in the process of entering the porn industry. The publication of the interview is the source of huge controversy in the Lodi Unified School District in Stockton, California, reports the San Francisco Chronicle. The controversy is over whether or not the interview, which was done by junior Bailey Kirkeby, should be published at all. It could also result in the firing of the Bruin Voice’s faculty advisor, Kathi Duffel. It was due to be published on May 3. Kirkeby told the Chronicle that the interview is not really about sex but is about Caitlin “as a person.” Kirkeby added that the story focuses on Fink’s struggles and that criticism of the newspaper goes against the newspaper’s first amendment rights. Fink, 18, told the San Francisco Chronicle regarding the scandal, “People see the porn world as taboo. But I see it as a natural thing. You’re just taking off your clothes. It’s the human body… I’m 18, what I’m doing is legal, and I don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal out of it.” The Chronicle report also mentions that in the midst of the controversy surrounding the article, a police officer came to Bear Creek High to ask Duffel questions about sex trafficking. In her interview with the Bruin Voice, Fink said she began in porn by selling photos on Kik and Tinder. Fink that in on instance, she made $475 in three hours. From there, Fink said that she auditioned at a strip club in San Francisco and subsequently began working there. Fink says, “The only hard thing so far is making sure I have enough money. Other than that, I’ve honestly been doing really good with myself.” She also told that she has sold naked videos on Snapchat and PornHub and is in the process of trying to become a stripper in San Fransico and has also signed a contract with PornHub. Her porn name will be added soon. She said that she has not been yet by PornHub as she hasn’t hit the viewing figure necessary to qualify for compensation. 

Bear Creek student newspaper’s controversial story

A controversial article about a Bear Creek High School student working in adult entertainment will run as planned Friday in The Bruin Voice as the Lodi Unified School District said it will not stand in the way of its publication. The decision is the latest development in a heated debate about First Amendment rights after teacher Kathi Duffel refused to allow the district to review the article prior to publication. The article, written by junior Bailey Kirkbey, is a profile of 18-year-old Caitlin Fink and focuses on the challenges she faces, how she has managed to overcome them and how she has created a successful career for herself in porn. “In her freshman year, she said her grades were really bad and she was associating with the wrong group of people,” Kirkbey told The Record last week. “It’s just profiling how she managed to overcome these kinds of obstacles and to get to where she is now, where she has a successful career and is living on her own money-she is self-reliant.” Fink, who is estranged from family, said in a phone interview on Thursday that she felt it was important to share her story to help educate others on the reality of working in porn. She then suggested that she’s not the only young person who may be thinking about entering the industry. “People think that in porn it’s all fun and games, but it’s not,” Fink said. “It actually takes a toll on your body and people don’t last long. You can’t stay in it forever.”

About Twitter 

Fink has numerous posts on her Twitter page that see her asking money from “Sugar Daddy’s” who will support her. In another tweet, from March 2019, Fink asks if Pornhub or Brazzers, another porn company, would be interested in signing her. On another social media profile, a user seemed surprised saying, “I’d thought you’d be more sexual?” Fink responded by saying, “I see it as strictly business.” Posts on that page also indicate that Fink is a lesbian but that she plans to perform in straight pornography after she leaves high school. 

How much Fink is earning?

The net worth of Fink is still to be calculated as it has not been disclosed yet. She told that she is earning $475 in three hours. She is satisfied with her earnings. 

Who is the boyfriend of Fink?

Regarding her personal life, Fink is not married yet and she is still to get married. As of today, she is assumed to be single. Also, there are no rumors about her dating with any boys. She is living a happy life. About her sexual orientation, it was indicated that Fink is a lesbian but that she plans to perform in straight pornography after she leaves high school. 

When and where was Fink born?

Fink was born in the year of 2001 in the USA. Her nationality is American and her ethnicity is Mixed. Her religion is Christian and her horoscope sign is Gemini. Information regarding her parents, siblings will be added soon. About her education, she is a Bear Creek High School student. 

How tall is Fink?

Fink is a very beautiful and sexy lady with a cool attitude. Her charming smile attracts a lot of people towards her. Her exact height, weight and other body measurement have not been published yet. Once we get information about her Fink's body details, we will let you know soon. 

More information about her biography can be obtained from other sites as there is no information in the Wiki about her. 

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