Jock Zonfrillo

Birth Day August 4th, 1976
Birth Place Glasgow
Age 47 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Leo

About Jock Zonfrillo

Jock Zonfrillo was a prominent Scottish chef, restaurateur, and television personality who made his mark in the culinary world in Australia. He founded The Orana Foundation, an organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the use of indigenous Australian ingredients in cooking. Jock's passion for celebrating the rich diversity of Australian cuisine earned him numerous accolades throughout his career, including being named Australia's Hottest Chef by The Australian in 2018. He also appeared as a judge on the popular cooking competition show, MasterChef Australia, from 2018 to 2021, where he brought his expertise and enthusiasm to the table to help aspiring chefs reach their full potential. Despite the challenges he faced in the culinary industry, Jock remained committed to his craft and to empowering others to embrace their heritage and culture through food. His innovative approach to cooking and his dedication to promoting indigenous ingredients made him a beloved figure in the Australian culinary scene, and his legacy continues to inspire chefs and food enthusiasts around the world. Sadly, he left this world on 30th April 2023 at age 46.

Jock Zonfrillo Early Life & Family Background

Jock Zonfrillo was born as Barry Zonfrillo on 4th August 1976 in Glasgow, Scotland, and grew up in Ayr with his parents and older sister, Carla. His father, Ivan, worked as a barber while his mother, Sarah, was a hairdresser. Jock's family had mixed ethnicity, with his mother's family being Scottish from Dalmellington, Ayrshire, and his father's family coming from Scauri, Italy. Jock held Scottish nationality and celebrated his 46th birthday for the last time in 2022. Leo was his zodiac sign as per his birthdate. He attended Belmont Academy in Ayr but left school at the age of 15 to pursue his passion for cooking.

Jock's culinary journey began at the age of 13 when he worked part-time as a dishwasher in kitchens after school. He then started an apprenticeship in the kitchens of The Turnberry Hotel in Scotland when he turned 15. He later worked at the Arkle Restaurant in Chester and trained under British chef Marco Pierre White. Jock traveled to Australia for 12 months to work at Restaurant 41 in Sydney before returning to the UK, where he was appointed as the head chef at The Tresanton Hotel in Cornwall at the age of 22. 

Jock Zonfrillo Career

  • Jock Zonfrillo's journey to becoming a head chef began at the age of 13 when he started working part-time as a dishwasher in kitchens while still in school. 
  • After leaving school at the age of 15, he started his apprenticeship in the kitchens of The Turnberry Hotel. 
  • He later worked at the Arkle Restaurant in Chester and then worked for renowned chef Marco Pierre White. 
  • Following that, Zonfrillo moved to Australia and worked at Restaurant 41 in Sydney for a year before returning to the UK. 
  • At the age of 22, Zonfrillo was appointed as the head chef at The Tresanton Hotel in Cornwall, marking his first head chef position.
  • Zonfrillo then returned to Australia in 2000 and became the head chef of Restaurant 41. 
  • He was later named head chef at Penfolds Magill Estate Restaurant in South Australia in 2011 but left after 18 months. 
  • Jock is a successful chef who has opened multiple restaurants throughout his career. In 2013, he opened Restaurant Orana and Street ADL in Adelaide, which later became Bistro Blackwood in 2017. 
  • Restaurant Orana was awarded Australia's 2018 Restaurant of the Year by Gourmet Traveller magazine and was named Australia's 2019 Restaurant of the Year by The Good Food Guide. The restaurant was also a three-hatted restaurant in the 2019 and 2020 Chef Hat Awards. 
  • In December 2018, Zonfrillo opened Nonna Mallozzi but closed it in July 2019 after posting losses exceeding $140,000 in the time it was open. Unfortunately, Bistro Blackwood and Orana also closed in late 2019 and March 2020, respectively, due to combined debts of approximately $3.2 million.
  • His long-term restaurant manager, Greta Wohlstadt, had resigned in the weeks leading up to the closure of Orana. 
  • He was announced as one of the new judges for "MasterChef Australia" in October 2019, along with Melissa Leong and Andy Allen. 
  • Later, in July 2020, he was also announced as one of the judges for "Junior MasterChef Australia" in 2020.
  • Likewise, he was the judge of "MasterChef Australia" in 2021, 2022, and 2023 for the series 123, 14, and 15. 
  • Caim, a brand owned by Zonfrillo, started retailing bracelets featuring skulls, known as "worry beads," for prices up to $500 each, in July 2021.

Jock Zonfrillo Controversies

Jock Zonfrillo faced legal troubles in his career, including a highly-publicized incident in 2002 where he set fire to an apprentice chef, Martin Krammer, for working too slowly. As a result, Zonfrillo was ordered to pay damages of over $75,000. In addition, he faced bankruptcy in 2007 after Krammer's successful creditor's petition in the Federal Magistrates Court. Despite Krammer's claims that he was never paid for his work.

Jock Zonfrillo established The Orana Foundation in 2016 with the aim of preserving the historical cooking methods and ingredients of Indigenous Australians. The foundation received The Good Food Guide Food for Good Award in October 2017, but later, concerns were raised about Zonfrillo's management of the charity. In September 2020, Zonfrillo filed a defamation suit against Nationwide News over an article regarding the Orana Foundation. The case was later settled, and Nationwide News issued a public apology printed in The Australian newspaper and published on their website in December 2020.

In October 2020, Jock Zonfrillo's Restaurant Orana and Bistro Blackwood filed for voluntary administration due to substantial unpaid debts of approximately $3.2 million. As a result, Zonfrillo also had to sell his family home in the Adelaide Hills. A preliminary report filed by the Voluntary Administrators with ASIC in October 2020 revealed that initial investigations were being undertaken into whether the restaurant companies were trading while insolvent if there had been unfair preferences or potential breaches of director duties, and concerning related party loans.

Jock Zonfrillo's memoir, Last Shot, was published by Simon & Schuster on 28 July 2021. However, the book attracted controversy after its publication. An article in The Sydney Morning Herald raised questions about the authenticity of some of Zonfrillo's claims, particularly those related to his alleged visits to "hundreds of Indigenous communities" and his drug use. Marco Pierre White, who was portrayed as a father figure in the book, publicly stated that "almost everything he has written about me is untrue." Simon & Schuster defended the book, stating that it was a "historical account written from the personal knowledge of the subject writing it."

Jock Zonfrillo Awards and Recognition

  • 1993 Young Scottish Chef of the Year – The Federation of Chefs Scotland
  • 2014 South Australian Best New Restaurant and South Australian Restaurant of the Year – The Advertiser Food Awards 
  • 2015 South Australian Restaurant of the Year – The Advertiser Food Awards 
  • 2015 Chef of The Year – Restaurant & Catering Awards 
  • 2015 and 2016 Australia's Hot 50 Restaurants – The Australian 
  • 2017 Hottest Chef & Hottest South Australian Restaurant – The Australian 
  • 2017 Food for Good Award – The Good Food Guide 
  • 2018 Australian Restaurant of the Year – Gourmet Traveller magazine 
  • 2018 Australia's Hottest Chef – The Australian 
  • 2018 Australian Food for Good Award – The Good Food Guide 
  • 2018 Basque Culinary World Prize – Basque Culinary Center 
  • 2019 Australian Restaurant of the Year – The Good Food Guide. 

Jock Zonfrillo Death Cause

Jock Zonfrillo, the renowned Australian chef and television personality, passed away in Melbourne, Australia on April 30th, 2023, at the age of 46. The cause of his death has not yet been confirmed, but the police have stated that they are not treating it as suspicious. The authorities are currently preparing a report for the coroner, and further information is expected to be released in due course.

Zonfrillo's death has been met with an outpouring of grief from the culinary community, with many paying tribute to his talent, creativity, and warmth. His passing has been described as a great loss to the industry, and a testament to his legacy as a chef and advocate for Indigenous cuisine.

Jock Zonfrillo Wife & Children

Jock Zonfrillo had been married three times and is happily married to Lauren Fried. The couple met in 2014 through Twitter and tied the knot on 1 January 2017. In 2018, they welcomed their first child together, a son named Alfie, who was born two months premature and weighed only 1.2 kg. In October 2020, they had a daughter named Isla. Jock also has two other daughters, Ava and Sophia, from his previous marriages. His first wife's name is Kelly. Despite his busy schedule as a chef, Jock makes sure to spend quality time with his family and is a loving and devoted husband and father. He remained with his wife, Lauren, till his death. In 2020, Jock and his family relocated to Melbourne after the closure of his restaurants. They resided in Carlton, a suburb of Melbourne, before his untimely death. Jock's passion for food and family will always be remembered, and his legacy as a talented chef and devoted family man will live on.

Jock Zonfrillo Net Worth

Jock Zonfrillo was a highly regarded celebrity chef, known for his innovative cooking style and unique approach to food. He was also a successful television personality and restaurateur. At the time of his death, Jock's net worth or income was estimated to be between $1 million to $5 million, which he had earned primarily from his successful career as a chef. He was highly respected in the culinary world and was sought after for his expertise and culinary knowledge. Jock's annual income from his career was in the thousands of dollars, which was a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft. He lived his life to the fullest, pursuing his passion for food and sharing it with others.

Jock Zonfrillo Height & Weight

Jock Zonfrillo was not only known for his stunning looks but also for his remarkable culinary skills. He was a celebrated chef who had worked in some of the most prestigious restaurants around the world. With a height of 175 cm or 5' 9", he stood tall and commanded attention with his charming personality. His body weight measured 91 Kg. His grey eyes and salt-and-pepper hair made him look all the more dashing. In addition to his striking appearance, Jock had also tattooed his right hand, adding to his edgy vibe. Despite being a successful chef, Jock Zonfrillo remained humble and down-to-earth. He had a warm and approachable personality that has won him a legion of fans. Jock's passion for food was evident in his work, and he is highly respected in the culinary world. With his good looks, talent, and dedication, Jock Zonfrillo was a force to be reckoned with in the food industry. 

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