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Mike Hudges was an American limo driver and daredevil. He was known as Mad Mike Hughes. He was also a flat-Earth conspiracy theorist known for flying self-built rockets. He self-made rockets, which he planned to fly into the outer space to prove flat-Earth conspiracy theories.

He died following his rocket crash-landing in the open desert in California on 22 February 2020. 

What is Mike Hughes Famous For?

  • Known as Mad Mike Huges. 
  • Flying self-built rockets. 
  • Flat-Earth conspiracy theorist.

Where was Mike Hughes Born?

Mike Hughes was born in 1955. His birth name was Michael Hughes. He was born in the United States. He held an American nationality. Information about his parents and siblings will be updated soon. 

Mike Hughes Death

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Career Timeline

He set a Guinness world record in 2002 when he jumped 103 foot in a Lincoln Town Car stretch limo. 

He built his first crewed rocket in January 2014. 

His rocket flew 1,374 feet over Winkelman, Arizona in just over one minute. 

He collapsed after the landing. He recovered after 3 days and put him in a walker for two weeks. 

He launched a failed fundraising attempt for a rocket in 2016. He raised only $310. 

He is a flat earth conspiracy theorist. 

He gained support within the flat-Earth community in 2016. 

He later raised $7,875 in a flat-Earth fundraising campaign. 

He had intentions to built multiple rockets that fly into the outer space and take pictures of the entire Earth as a flat disc. 

He stated that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) approved him to launch his rocket and he is awaiting approval from the Federal Aviation Administration. 

He had previously scheduled his launch for 25 November 2017. 

He later changed his schedule to 2 December 2017. He blamed permission difficulties for rescheduling his launch. 

Mike Hughes Death

Source: @thesun.co.uk

He successfully launched his rocket on 24 March 2018. He reached a height of 1,875 feet. 

The rocket launched at a sharp angle to avoid falling back to Earth on public land. It landed about 1,500 feet away from the launch point. 

Despite making a hard landing in the Mojave Desert, he sustained no serious injuries.

He planned to launch himself in a rocket in August 2019. 

He postponed his launch due to mechanical troubles. He was treated for heat exhaustion.  

He appeared in the 2019 documentary "Rocketman - Mad Mike's Mission to Prove the Flat-Earth".

He authored the cartoon book, Whoops Airlines. The cartoon book includes 400 drawings covering the aviation industry.

Who was Mike Hughes Married to?

Information about his personal life is not available. It will be updated soon. He lived in California. 

How did Mike Hughes Die?

Mike Huges died on 22 February 2020. He died following his steam-powered rocket crash-landing an open desert in Barstow, California. His launch was reportedly filmed as part of Homemade Astronauts, a new TV series about amateur rocket makers. The series was scheduled to air on the US Science Channel. Mad Mike died at the age of 64. 

Science Channel wrote, "Michael 'Mad Mike' Hughes tragically passed away today during an attempt to launch his homemade rocket. Our thoughts & prayers go out to his family & friends during this difficult time. It was always his dream to do this launch & Science Channel was there to chronicle his journey".

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