Nic Jovanovic

Birth Day June 18th, 1990
Birth Place Sydney
Age 34 Years Old

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Nicolas Jovanovic famed as Nic Jovanovic is a man who’s had an emotional past (battling testicular cancer) which has equipped him for the strength to no doubt get through the challenges thrown at him while on the set of Married At First Sight. He is also an electrician. He is tuning into ex-husband MAFS, Cyrell Paule. Married At First Sight's Cyrell Paule and Nic Jovanovic officially ended their 'marriage' on Sunday night during the show's latest commitment ceremony. 

MAFS star Cyrell claims Nic ‘leaked his own sex tape’

Cyrell Paule has made new claims about her “husband” Nic Jovanovic, claiming the popular MAFS star isn’t at all like what viewers saw on TV. It looks like there is no love lost between Cyrell Paule and Nic Jovanovic after the two decided to end their “marriage” on Sunday’s episode of Married At First Sight. Cyrell has accused her former TV spouse of “leaking” his own sex tape and flirting with other women during the MAFS dinner parties. Despite the two ending on good terms during their last commitment ceremony, Cyrell said things went downhill once filming ended as she had been “oblivious to a lot of things”. “I know for a fact it’s him that leaked it out because he kept on sitting there begging me (saying), ‘C’mon Cyrell I know you know which friend it’s from, I just want to know so I can cut them from my life,’” Cyrell claimed.

MAFS' Nic Jovanovic and Cyrell Paule end their 'marriage' 

Married At First Sight's Cyrell Paule and Nic Jovanovic officially ended their 'marriage' on Sunday night during the show's latest commitment ceremony. After a couple of weeks, the pair amicably decided to go their separate ways, with Cyrell, 29, reflecting: 'I've learned that with love, you're going to get hurt.' Since these scenes were filmed in November, the pair have been embroiled in a bitter war of words, with Cyrell since vowing to expose the 'truth' about Nic. While ending their 'marriage' on Sunday's episode, Nic said: "I feel like our relationship has sort of hit a wall".

MAFS's fiery bride Cyrell Paule is shoved by brother Ivan as the siblings clash during an intense public row

The Married At First Sight bride is known for her fiery and no-holds-barred behavior on Channel Nine's controversial experiment. The 29-year-old healthcare consultant appeared animated and agitated as she spoke to Ivan beside his black convertible BMW. She stood close to her brother and his vehicle as they angrily waved their fingers and arms at each other as they spoke. Smoking an unhealthy cigarette, Cyrell did not appear to enjoy the brief exchange with her brother as her face remained stern. The outspoken brother, who has been labeled by fans as 'MAFS' brother-in-law from hell', was later seen outstretching his left arm to push Cyrell away. Ivan was first introduced on the series as Cyrell's hot-headed and overprotective brother, storming out of her announcement to join the show and calling her 'selfish'. He then stole the show for all the wrong reasons after he berated his sister's new 'husband' Nic Jovanovic at the couple's wedding reception. Ivan's latest appearance on the show saw him have an explosive showdown with Nic, with Cyrell choosing to side with Ivan over her on-screen beau. 

Nic's Birthday, Place of Birth, Nationality, Siblings, Horoscope, Parents, Bio, Wiki And More

In the year 1990, Nic Jovanovic was born in Sydney, Australia. The charming electrician was raised by his mother and grandmother after his father left when he was just one year old. His nationality is Australian and his religion is Catholic. His ethnicity is White. There is no information regarding his parents, horoscope, education and more. At present his age is 28. 

Height, Weight, Hair Color, Body Measurement of Nic

Nic Jovanovic is a very handsome person with a charming smile and glowing face attracting a lot of people towards him. There is no information about his other body measurements such as height, weight, and more. It will be updated soon. 

Is Nic Married or Unmarried or In A Relationship or Divorced?

Nic Jovanovic is a married person with Cyrell Paule. As of now, he does not have any children. He cannot have children in a normal way due to testicular cancer. So, they have to process through IVF in Vitro. Recently, on Sunday night, the couple ended their marriage. His sexual orientation is straight. 

Who is Cyrell Paule?

Cyrell Paule is the hunt of a broken engagement and failed relationship.

How much is Nic's Net Worth and Salary? 

Nic's net worth and salary has not been revealed yet and will be updated very soon. There is no doubt that he is satisfied with his earnings. 

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