Michał Koterski

Birth Day December 29th, 1979
Birth Place Kraków
Age 44 Years Old
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

About Michał Koterski

Michał Koterski is a well-known figure in the entertainment industry, who has made a name for himself as a Polish actor, TV presenter, and stand-up comedian. His father, Marek Koterski, is a renowned director and playwright, and his mother is Iwona Ciesielska. As of 2022, Michał is in his early forties and has already established himself as a versatile actor with an impressive portfolio of work. One of the most recognizable roles played by Michał is that of Sylwuś, the son of Adam Miauczyński, in the movie Dzień świra (Day of the Wacko), which was directed by his father. His unique style of playing, which includes a feminine personality, has become a hallmark of his acting career. The artist describes it as simply being himself in his daily life, and it has helped him stand out in the industry and garner a loyal fan base.

Michał Koterski Early Life & Family

Michał Koterski was born on December 29, 1979, in Kraków, Poland, to parents who were both involved in the entertainment industry. His father, Marek Koterski, is a renowned Polish film and theatre director, screenwriter, actor, and playwright. His mother's name is Iwona Ciesielska. He is of Polish nationality and belongs to the Polish-White ethnic group. As of 2022, he turned 43 years old and is a Capricorn according to his zodiac sign. He practices the Christian religion. Growing up, Michał was exposed to the world of entertainment from an early age, and it is no surprise that he developed a passion for acting. In pursuit of his passion, Michał Koterski received his education from Warsaw Film School and then went on to attend XXI High School. B. Prusa for further studies. He honed his acting skills and began his career in the entertainment industry, following in the footsteps of his father. With hard work and dedication, he has become a successful actor and has appeared in numerous films, making a name for himself in the Polish entertainment industry. 

Michał Koterski Acting Career

  • Michał Koterski is a Polish actor, screenwriter, and film director who has made a name for himself in the Polish film industry. He began his career in 1999 with the film "Ajlawju" in which he played the role of Sylwuś Miauczyński. He continued his successful run with the critically acclaimed film "Dzień świra" (Day of the Wacko) in 2002, in which he once again played the role of Sylwuś Miauczyński.
  • His filmography includes a variety of roles in both film and television. He has played a gas station worker in "Superprodukcja" (2002), Słoniu in "Królowie śródmieścia" (2006), and Pinocchio (Polish language dub voice) in "7 Dwarves: The Forest Is Not Enough" (2007). He also appeared in the popular Polish soap opera "Pierwsza miłość" (First Love) from 2009 to the present, playing the character of Henryk "Kaśka" Saniewski. In addition, Koterski provided the voice for Zenek in the animated film "Jeż Jerzy" (George the Hedgehog) in 2010 and played a customer of the brothel in the comedy film "Kac Wawa" in 2011. His most recent film, "Gierek" (2021), is a biographical drama in which he played the role of Edward Gierek.
  • Michał has been involved in various media projects throughout his career. He contributed to the morning radio show Antyradio, where he read blogs from prominent politicians such as Renata Beger and Wojciech Wierzejski. Koterski is related to Maciej Koterski, who portrayed the character of Piotruś Wolański in the films Kogel-mogel and Galimatias, czyli kogel-mogel II. He also appeared on the third season of the show Jak oni śpiewają (How They Sing), but was eliminated in favor of Aneta Zając and Grażyna Szapołowska on April 12, 2008, finishing in ninth place.
  • Overall, Michał Koterski has established himself as a versatile actor with a range of talents, from comedy to drama. His contributions to the Polish film industry have earned him critical acclaim and a loyal fan base.

Michał Koterski Dating & Girlfriend

Michał Koterski is presently unmarried, but he is in a happy relationship with Marcela Leszczak, an actress known for her work in films such as "Dziewczyny z Dubaju" (2021), "7 uczuc" (2018), and "Milosc na bogato" (2013). They have been in a committed relationship for a considerable period of time and have a strong bond. The couple has plans to tie the knot in the near future, although no official announcement has been made yet. Michał and Marcela often make public appearances together and share their love for each other on social media. Their fans and well-wishers are eagerly awaiting news of their wedding date, and many are excited to see what the future holds for the couple.

Michał Koterski Height & Weight

Michał Koterski is an attractive and talented actor who is well-known for his captivating smile and radiant complexion. He has a towering height of 1.81 m or 5 feet 11 inches and his body weight is proportional to his height, giving him a fit and healthy appearance. To keep his physique in shape, he is a regular at the gym and follows a strict fitness regimen. He has light brown hair and striking brown eyes that add to his charming looks. He has an average body type, which he maintains through exercise and a healthy lifestyle. With his good looks and impressive acting skills, Michał Koterski has earned a considerable fan following. His fans are captivated by his charm and his ability to bring life to his roles. He has proved his versatility as an actor through his diverse range of roles and has established himself as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. 

Michał Koterski Net Worth

Michał Koterski, a skilled actor, has an estimated net worth ranging from $1 million to $5 million in 2023. His primary source of income is from the entertainment industry, where he has acted in numerous films throughout his career. He earns a substantial salary, which amounts to thousands of dollars, and he maintains a humble lifestyle with his earnings, which he finds satisfactory. His income primarily comes from his acting profession, and he has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry. He has worked hard to establish himself as a prominent actor, and his earnings are a testament to his success. Despite his wealth, he lives a modest life and is content with his earnings. 

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