Lisa Laflamme

Birth Day July 25th, 1964
Birth Place Kitchener, Canada
Age 59 Years Old

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Lisa Laflamme is a successful anchor. She has done great work during her career. She has interviewed massively popular people like Boris Johnson who is the mayor of London, Conrad Black, and Sarah who is the Duchess of York. She has won five nominations for Gemini Award for best anchor category. And in 1999, she managed to bag Galaxi Award from the Canadian Cable Television Association.

She is five feet and four inches tall. She oozes charm. She’s got the personality of an anchor. She does her job all the justice. Her anchoring skills and her talent of binding viewers to Television screen has earned her many appreciators. She is a Television personality and thus it becomes essential to look good on screen. Thus, she makes every effort to remain in shape. She works out and eats healthy. She’s conscious about her food intakes. Over the years, she’s maintained her bodily shape and her work outs have resulted in toned figure and legs. She has the great sense of style. She always keeps herself groomed. She wears clothes that are age appropriate and bring out the best in her. She looks great in formals. She knows the exact way to flaunt her best assets. Her hair and makeup are also neatly done. She is aware of the cameras around her and their power to magnify any flaw. Thus, Lisa always tries to look her best. 

She is doing great in her career life. She is a professional and she is here to stay. She is already the age of forty nine and still going strong. She is the leading example of working independent and successful woman. Her salary is estimated to be somewhere around $300,000 to $350,000. She is all happy with her earnings. She has made a huge amount of wealth over the years. She earned it all by herself and she deserves all of it. However, her net worth is not revealed by any source in the internet websites.

She has achieved great heights in her career life. She is already in her late forties and leading a single life. But she does not look bothered about that fact. She has not married anyone and thus does not bear any husband. It’s obvious that she has never been through divorce either. She is the classic example of today’s working and independent woman. No wonder, many people look up to her. She’s an inspiration to the new generation. She has break the myth that woman can’t make it to the top alone. She loves her work and that’s what she intends to do further. She is happily single. She does not need a man to complete her life for now. Lisa does not have any children in her life.

She has a twitter account. She is found regularly updating her tweets. Her fans can follow her there and remain up close with her. Her biography is traced in details in Wikipedia. 

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